X is for Xmas

With Samhain behind us and Yule fast approaching its time for us to prepare ourselves for our all-time favorite, Holiday Memes.  Recently I saw a on Facebook a friend post “Keep Christ in Christmas”.   Now being raised in the south I can tell you that starting this time of year we see these on billboards, yard signs and on church marquees. 

Here’s an example of a billboard with a similar message.

Now, I love language.  Word origins and puns make my day.  With a little bit of digging and with the help of Merriam-Webster.com, I found the perfect way to explain to my Christian friends that Xmas, isn’t a four letter word.

Origins – X is from the Greek latter CHI (X), initial of Christos Christ) + mas = CHRIST MAS  or Christmas.

Perfect right?  I did it.  It is not Satan.  It is not Pagan’s attempting to derail their holiday.  IT IS Christmas.

Armed with this awesome information I headed over to a family member’s Facebook page.  I saw she posted that crazy message and she’s a pretty intelligent person.  So I figured, why let her continue to look stupid?  I posted on her message the link to the DICTIONARY and suggested that she have a look at the real meaning of Xmas.

Her response:

I don’t attack your religious beliefs, please don’t attack mine.

OK….  IF your religion is attacked by a dictionary, I think it is time to re-evaluate your beliefs.

SO…   needless to say when I saw this statement I was completely blown away by the ignorance.  Here I was trying to educate, let her know that Xmas wasn’t some sort of pagan highjacking of a Christian holiday and I get hit with that.  WOW

You know how pagans like to steal holidays…  Yeah.

So I went ahead and just removed her.  I wouldn’t want to offend her with the upcoming Yule season approaching.  I guess we’ll just let the Christians keep the Christ in Christmas


Namaste & Blessed B
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