Pagan Blog Project 2013 - P is for Pride

Pride – feeling of achievement of those who one is associated

Late in summer here in North Carolina we have a little festival in Raleigh called Central NC Pagan Pride.  This weekend is used to celebrate and associate with like minded people. 

Last year my little Pagan Shop, Sosanna’s Closet, had a booth there.  We spent that time meeting lots of wonderful people and learning about each other paths. 

Sosanna of Sosanna's Closet

Wheel of the Year Wreaths - Sosanna's Closet

Mini Goddess Figurines - Sosanna's Closet

This is the one time when I don’t feel the need to tuck my pentacle into my shirt to hide who I am.   Here in Eastern NC there’s not much openness to those that happen to fall outside the spiritual norm.  My hubby and I have not only my pagan shop as a business.  We deal directly with the public so I always tuck my little pentacle into my shirt to be sure that they won’t be put off and decide not to work with us.

Sometimes I worry they’ll judge and we’ll lose a sale or maybe they’ll talk bad about us.  It’s not a make believe fear, earlier this year I submitted an application to join “Pigin the Park”.  It’s a local event with vendors where they celebrate all things BBQ.  I had my feelings hurt when they told me that I just wouldn't fit in with their mostly Christian crowd. 

I guess they don’t really know that there are quite a few pagan people out there in this region.  Maybe if we pulled our pentacles out of our shirts when we’re paying our water bill, or maybe buying groceries that might not be so afraid of us.  I know that I’m going to try to make a conscious effort to be more visible in myself and to show my pagan pride a bit more brightly.
So if you’re around Eastern NC around the mid part of September come out to the Raleigh Fairgrounds and check out what we have for you in our booth.

Namaste & Blessed Be



Jennifer Andrist Rasmussen said...

I hear you loud & clear! I used to hide my pentacle all the time. Now, I only hide it on job interviews, when I have to be in a church *shudder*, or when I am working at the learning center. I keep it displayed when I am grocery shopping or doing anything else. I hope that people see it and notice that I am no different than they are. I buy groceries, put gas in my car, go out to restaurants, etc. just like they do. It is definitely a process that takes time especially depending on the region you live in. Living in Illinois, I think I am less likely to encounter the same treatment as you are in NC. Just take it one day at a time. You have to be comfortable with what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

This is the first year in a long time I've missed pagan pride day (i am in greenville, nc). I made a concious decision when I started on my path to be out and while I have to say (especially in this area) that it has not been easy, there have been some hurdles, but all in all I have been lucky enough to at worst most days only get "the look" or completely disregarded. Only once did I have what I would term and extremely negative reaction (from an occasional friend who didn't realize, although i don't know how, i am not exactly in the broom closet, lol) so I've been very lucky. I find it to be just so much easier to handle with a bit of amusement and try not to get too hurt.. witches need love too!!