Pagan Blog Project 2013 - E is for Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a said to be a look that causes bad luck or injury to the person who receives it.  Cultures all over the world have this belief but the strongest belief comes from the Middle East, Asia, Africa Europe and the Mediterranean.  However, today belief in the evil eye is global.  Even the island of Hawaii has it, but they call it the stink eye.

Many cultures have specific ways to ward off, or escape the evil eye ranging from handing up a blue stone, whispering prayers or drinking wine.  A common image for protection again the evil eye is below.

One of my favorite wards against the evil eye is close to another of my passions.  Heavy Metal Music.  Ronnie James Dio used a symbol called “Devil Horns” in his stage performances. 

This symbol was taken from the “Malocchio”; a hand gesture used by his grandmother to protect her from the evil eye.

In “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” (which I highly recommend) he discusses the origin of the gesture.

Personally, I believe that what you send out comes back to you, so those that send out things that are harmful to others should pay close attention.  I was recently contacted by someone who wanted “justice” for someone cheating on them.  I offered a gentle reminder that justice and revenge are two very separate things.

To protect myself I have a constant mirroring spell that I refresh around my property as well as keeping lots of sage on hand.  I've also been asked to create house blessing cords, which hang on door knobs and protection masks to hang on entry ways.

Pan Mask - Renee Olson - Artist

Protection Mask - Renee Olson - Artist

What’s your way to keep your home and family safe from spiritual attacks?
Namaste & Blessed Be
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