Finally....I'm Done..

So today is the day.  I'm waiting now for the bank to open so that I can go up and remove my name from the account.  It's been a long crazy seven months.  I've put on weight and become completely stressed out.  I'm looking over all that I accomplished over the last few months.

I was able to take someone who was obese and get their weight under control.
I was able to take someone with a 400+ blood sugar and get them down to 110 or below daily.
I was able to take someone who was nearly blind and manage to get not only one, but two pair of glasses.
I was able to take someone who was barely able to walk around alone and get her back up and moving.
I was able to take someone who ate fast food every day, to eating organic, even vegetarian food.
I was able to take someone who had excessive debt and get it manageable.

Even if she doesn't appreciate it, I still accomplished that.  Even if some of my family have disowned me and accused me of stealing.  Even if they are accusing me of lying, I know that I am telling the truth.

I've also found a growing network of friends and family online to help me through all this.  One thing that happened very dear to me was all the outpouring of support not only in my blog but also in the emails and facebook messages that came in.  I adore each and every one of you and am very proud to call you my friends.

I've even been invited as a sister to a very dear friend.  We've known each other many many years, and I found her again by this crazy invention called Facebook.   Thank you so much my sister, you have been amazing with your support, not only in words but your energy and thoughts of me during your spell work have been an amazing benefit and I am proud to call you sister.  If I can't make it up to complete a ritual with you, we'll have to work out something that we can both do remotely and then bind our energies together.  My dearest Kallan, thank you.

I'm a little nervous as I sit here 6 minutes before they open.  Tick tock tick tock... I'm looking forward to being free.  I'm looking forward to being at peace.  I have my friends and family here and I have the Goddess with me.

Happy Wednesday Everyone....

Namaste & Blessed Be

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