The Day of Hecate

Today is August 13th.  Many of the groups I belong to on Facebook and many of my friends are celebrating what is called "The Day of Hecate".  Many believe that the Greeks celebrated Hecate on this day.

Generally I tend to do my rituals for Hecate on the dark moon.  To me it seems more fitting.  It is when I feel more comfortable.  Since our calendar is every different now I have a hard time wrapping my head around dedicated months versus seasons or moon cycles.

That being said, really, would it bother you if someone cared about you on Monday or Tuesday.  I think that when it is all said and done, paying respect or love to someone is a great thing.  Does it really matter what day it falls on?

For those celebrating The Day of Hecate or Festival of Nemoralia to Diana I wish you the best.

You see it isn't the day or in some cases it isn't even the deity that we're actually celebrating; more so the qualities of that deity that we see in each other.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Diandra said...

Blessed day of Hecate to you!

I try to stick with the moon cycles and seasons, and it sometimes messes with my head if someone wishes me a blessed Samhain close to the full moon, but then I think that it's the spirit that counts. ^^

Misty N said...

I don't think it matters truly the day, or the time. Really if you think about it when your Will is strong enough a purple marble is just like the most precious amethyst.

Respect is what is important.