Dextox Day 2

So today is day two.  This morning I’m having a cup of white tea and sitting with hubby.  We’ll be starting breakfast shortly which will consist of a green smoothie.  We've got yard work planned for today if the rain holds off.  Lunch will be something with the remaining milk we have.  We’re not going to buy anymore because of some info we read about aspartame being added to milk.
It may sound a little “conspiracy theory-ish” but I really just don’t trust people to do the right thing when it comes to our food. 

Tonight we’ll make the eggplant dish we were going to do last night.  We ended up having left over black bean tacos.  I spent the majority of the day drinking water and working at my desk.  I suffered through 3 full mugs of my vinegar elixir.  It was HORRID.  I've read several ways to make it better by adding different juices and honey.  This morning hubby looked at me and said, just shoot it.  I was like what??? Yeah, you know like you would Tequila.  I thought, Umm that will kill ya.  LOL He did his first and it took his breath away.  I decided what the hell.  I poured my two tablespoons in a glass shot it, and then chased it with a bit of tap water w/o breathing between.  It was nowhere near as bad as sitting through those mugs.  So now before my main meals I’ll do my shot of ACV. 

My results so far are actually pretty good.  My main concern was the water retention in my legs.  It has already decreased by ½ easy.  I've taken this week off from my regular job to focus on getting ready for vending events and getting some yard work done.   Spring has sprung and I need to get my garden area ready.   I already have some lettuce sprouting in my pods and I’m sooo ready to have some wonderful food this year.

Namaste & Blessed Be
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