NaBloWriMo - Thursday Tirade 3 - Snooze

First and foremost, I love my animals.  I am not looking to get rid of them, or to put them out somewhere.  I don’t want to sell them or hurt them.  As many of you know we raise dogs at ETKennels and would never harm them.

That being said....

Yorkies are very vocal dogs.  They like to be with you.  They are not happy being kenneled.  They “need” their people; much like Boxers.  All Boxer owners know they have an 80lb lapdog.  

Our youngest female Yorkie, Froggy, had decided that she would like to have coffee with me in the mornings.  AT 5:30 AM in the FREAKING MORNING… EVERY MORNING!  When Yorkie’s wake they make a little “come see me sound”… 
For those that have not heard what a demanding Yorkie sounds like, lemme share.  This isn’t one of mine but she makes the same “sound”.

Cute yes?  Absolutely, at 7:30 it’s cute, at 5:30 it’s not so cute! It’s the same noise “Turtle” makes after a bath.  Here’s a video of her throwing a fit after getting a bath.

Here that?? Yeah think of that times 3 at 5 am!

Then we have “Daddy’s arrival”.  The dogs go crazy when hubby comes home… here’s a little video I took of that.

Check out our Facebook Page for ETKennels for all the new puppy love.

If you'd like to hear what I hear, you can download a recording from drop box here.  These are my lovely pups.

Over all I love my pups, but sometimes I wish they had a snooze button!

Namaste & Blessed Be

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