What to reveal and when to reveal it....

Just like anyone else, I have a full time job and a family outside my "Online" life.  I have friends that probably would prefer not to know some of the things I might talk about in this blog.  I have family that might be shocked to find out that they are the topic of this weeks blog post and maybe even be a little tiffed about it.

So what do we reveal and when do we reveal it?  Should I link my blog to my facebook profile? Should I say who my employer is?  What will happen if I post something that someone doesn't like?  Can I lose my job over it?

Typing "blogger gets fired" in Google you'll find tons of hits on people getting fired or getting in trouble at work over something they did on a personal blog.  That's why I've decided to keep my personal blog away from my work persona. 

Big Brother is watching....

Renee Olson

Wife, Witch with the Metal Skills of a Dark Elf. I spend my time working with wire, weaving life and magic.

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