NaBloWriMo - Talented Tuesday - 2-Mermaid Morrigan

This week’s Talented Tuesday takes us to the deep blue sea.  Being a water sign (Piscean) I've always felt a connection with the water.  I've been told if I were any more Piscean I’d be an actual fish.  I hate water in my face but I love being around it, hearing it and seeing it. 

One of the most interesting people I've met since opening myself up to the local Pagan Community is the lovely Mermaid Morrigan (Cindy Rhodes).

Photo Credit -  Geoffrey Campbell of Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of her new songs, called The Fellowship of the Crow, she wrote for her special friends of Morrigan. 

She can be found adding comments and sharing her thoughts on a Pagan Education Group called the The Fellowship of the Crow.

Playing her hand hammered Dulcimer, Persephone; Mermaid Morrigan is available for events and has an amazing CD ready for order.  I had the awesome chance to see her at this year’s Central NC Pagan Pride Days.

You can find her at the following Locations:

Looking for a wonderful sound to enchant your realm, the sound of the Dulcimer is amazing.  Want an amazing lady to be part of your day, reach out to Mermaid Morrigan.  She’s full of charm, wit and an incredible energy that will light your life.

For today’s Talented Tuesday I give you, The Mermaid Morrigan.  One of my favorites, Mermaids Garden.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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