NaBloWriMo - Intro and Monday Memories - 1

I’ve decided to participate in the NaBloWriMo.  Basically it is 31 days 31 posts.  This first post is an possible outline that I hope to follow for the project.

Monday – Memories – childhood toys games and stuff
Tuesday – Talented Tuesday – Things I find cool
Wednesday – Witchy Wednesday – Things that are Hecate/Pagan in Nature
Thursday – Tirade – Things that annoy me
Friday – Pagan Blog Project 2012
Saturday – Crafts Samhain’s Sirens
Sunday – Shelter Me – List photos of pets that need homes

Today is Monday Memories and I need to introduce myself.  So here we go:

I’m Sosanna and I am owner operator and resident artist at Sosanna’s Closet.  I make clay figurines, witch’s rosaries and other assorted merchandise and sell it in my etsy shop.  I have a wonderful hubby and many cyber sisters that are working with me on several projects this month.  I have many passions including nutrition, LGBT Equality and Animals which I share on Pinterest.  Over the next month I hope to share many of these with you.

Monday  Memories: 

I come from a very large family.  My grandmother had 10 children.  Seven of those children were girls.  I could easily say that I have over 100 cousins and second cousins.  Earlier this year I lost contact with the majority of my family over different issues.  Things from the Chick-fil-A posting to me putting my mother in a nursing home have taken a huge toll on those that I did consider family.    I sometimes wonder if they think of me.   Do they miss me?  Am I part of their Monday Memories? 
Be it weakness or perhaps it’s just me being a sucker.  I would like them to know I do think of them.  Here are a few pictures of my memories.

Namaste & Blessed Be
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