What on EARTH??

Has the entire world lost their collective minds? I'm just sitting here shaking my head wondering what is going on today. I know we have Mercury in retrograde but really? Come on now...

Just a quick recap of what I've been seening over the last few weeks...


First, I'd like to point out they turned of the comments for the video... Well yeah, I don't blame you when you're spouting off some crazy crap like this. Our country as we all know is not a "Christian" country. You can worship however you like here. We have the freedom to follow the God or Goddess of our choice right?

Well apparently not in Georgia.

A young fellow by the name of Christopher Turner, 11 years old who lives in Bowden Georgia was pulled out of his class by his teacher after taking Samhain (October 31st) off from school and questioned about Paganism and told "Paganism isn't a religion". Now, as if this weren't enough Christopher was singled out again, when the teacher requested that class do an assignment on the history of Christmas, but they were not allowed to have anything in the report pertaining to Paganism. Really?

A facebook support group has been started for the family. If you'd like to read the original post on this you can find it here. My friend Nalaya Oddly did a wonderful blog post on this here.

Next I run into this....

WHAT? Leave? Don't let the border hit you in the ass on the way out??? My friend Kallan Kennedy had a wonderful post on this. You can read it here. No one can put it better than she can!

Let's just have a little history lesson here...

Of course you are all aware of the ban lifted on horse slaughter. Below is a news piece on youtube regarding the changes in the legislation. There are no horses injured in this video.

So when this made news a friend of mine was apposed and posted a petition to sign to try to get it banned again. I liked her post and signed the petition. At some point the discussion changed to a debate and others made statements to the effect of "I don't care for interracial marriage but you don't see me signing a petition to stop that".

Ummmmm WHAT?

Yeah that's what I said.... So needless to say words were exchanged and then I get this in my messages:

Apparently I misquoted, by saying someone was a bigot because they didn't believe in interracial marriage...

So the lessons for this week are, we live in a country where only Christians are free, children can be pulled out and questioned on their religion, if you don't like "Merry Christmas" you need to get out of the country and people who don't like "mixed marriages" are not bigots.

This has been over the last few weeks...

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Namaste and Blessed Be



Happy Holidays
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