What Makes Your State Great??

As a response to the DC 40 Prayer actions, a few of us on Facebook have created a group called "What Makes Your State Great?". We're asking everyone that is interested in protecting our freedoms and showing those that want to remove the first amendment from our great land, what we can offer in return.

We're asking our followers to come to our group, join in and tell us what you love about your state. What makes it a great place to live. The prayer vigils will be starting soon and I've posted an outline of their prayer dates as well as the office nicknames listed below.

We are not asking you to pray to a specific deity or to offer any type of offerings to anything you do not feel comfortable doing. We only ask for your positive energy and your support as we send out protection for those things that we all hold dear. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On each day of the prayer vigil we'll be posting facts about each state and asking to have you, the readers post your thoughts comments, suggestions and prayers regarding your state.

Come on over and see us on Facebook. Share this page and all pages related with everyone you know. Keep in mind this particular group is a fringe group and everyone, our Christian brothers and sisters as well, should be very concerned about what this group is looking to do.

Here's the prayer schedule posted: (To view on the DC40.net page click here, then click the shields at the bottom of the page, you can have a look at the "NEW" nicknames planned for each state)

Hawaii (50) The Aloha State10-02-11
Alaska (49)The Last Frontier 10-03-11
Arizona (48) The Grand Canyon State 10-04-11
New Mexico (47)The Land of Enchantment 10-05-11
Oklahoma (46) The Sooner State10-06-11
Utah (45)The Beehive State10-07-11
Wyoming (44)The Equality State10-08-11
Idaho (43)The Gem State 10-09-11
Washington (42)The Evergreen State10-10-11
Montana (41)The Treasure State10-11-11
South Dakota (40)The Mount Rushmore State10-12-11
North Dakota (39)The Peace Garden State10-13-11
Colorado (38)The Centennial State 10-14-11
Nebraska (37)The Corn Husker State10-15-11
Nevada (36)The Silver State10-16-11
West Virginia (35)The Mountain State10-17-11
Kansas (34)The Sunflower State10-18-11
Oregon (33)The Beaver State 10-19-11
Minnesota (32)The North Star State10-20-11
California (31)The Golden State10-21-11
Wisconsin (30)The Badger State10-22-11
Iowa (29)The Hawkeye State 10-23-11
Texas (28)The Lone Star State10-24-11
Florida (27) The Sunshine State10-25-11
Michigan (26) The Great Lakes State 10-26-11
Arkansas (25) The Natural State 10-27-11
Missouri (24)The Show Me State10-28-11
Maine (23)The Pine Tree State 10-29-11
Alabama (22)The Yellowhammer State10-30-11
Illinois (21)The Prairie State10-31-11
Mississippi (20)The Magnolia State 11-01-11
Indiana (19)The Hoosier State11-02-11
Louisiana (18)The Pelican State11-03-11
Ohio (17)The Buckeye State 11-04-11
Tennessee (16) The Volunteer State 11-05-11
Kentucky (15)The Bluegrass State –11-06-11
Vermont (14)The Green Mountain State11-07-11
Rhode Island (13)The Ocean State11-08-11
North Carolina (12)The Tarheel State 11-09-11
District of COLUMBIA (DC) 11-10-11
New York (11) The Empire State11-11-11
Virginia (10)The Old Dominion State11-12-11
New Hampshire (9)The Granite State 11-13-11
South Carolina (8)The Palmetto State 11-14-11
Maryland (7) The Old Line State 11-15-11
Massachusetts (6)The Bay State 11-16-11
Connecticut (5)The Constitution State 11-17-11
Georgia (4) The Peach State 11-18-11
New Jersey (3)The Garden State11-19-11
Pennsylvania (2)The Keystone State -11-20-11
Delaware (1) The First State 11-21-11
11-22-11: Posting of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Secular Writings of our Founding Fathers

I look forward to adding each and every one of you to the group.

Namaste & Blessed Be
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