Disappointment in the Morning

So I get finished with my morning routine of a bit of Wii Fit jogging and some yoga. I have my Jasmine rice with some hot tea and a banana. Working to keep myself clean from chemicals I go to the bathroom and get ready to brush my teeth.

I reach in the draw and pull out my trusty Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, but grab my new tube by mistake. I toss it on the counter and pull out the old one. Then I notice that my new tube says "Fluoride". I blink. Fluoride? I don't use that! In fact, I lost my mind when the last dentist I went to just put it in my mouth without even asking me.

I grab the tube and flip it over to read the back. NOW there's this warning that says "Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed". Now perhaps I'm a worry wart, but generally if it says fatal if swallowed, I'm thinking you shouldn't put it in your mouth. Just me, but I'm thinking that's a pretty good rule of thumb.

So here I sit with my new "Wicked Fresh" toothpaste, that I spent a good $4 bucks on and it's now useless to me.

Just goes to show you, READ READ READ. Just because you "trust" a label doesn't mean they're not going to change on you.

Very very disappointed in you Tom. I think I'll drop them a line. Contact Tom's here.

Namaste & Blessed Be
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