Power of Positive Crystals

So my order from "Pagan Stuff Cheap" arrived last week and I haven't had a chance to tell you about it.

I ordered a crystal point with chakra colored stones across the front of it in a lovely silver setting. I had planned to use it as a pendulum for my scrying attempts. As I was sitting with hubby over the weekend we were talking about ways to lower my stress levels from 8-5. (I'm so stressed that we are actually considering joining a commune or moving to Mexico and living off the land)

I had a thought to put on the crystal to help balance myself while I'm working. Even though yesterday was sooooo bad, I still did feel a bit more centered while being yelled at. Hopefully as I move forward applying more positive energy and more good thoughts I'll be able to become more centered.

I started out this day with a nice cup of tea, nag champa and my candles a glow preparing for my first meeting of the day.

Here's to a Happy Tuesday.

Blessed Be


Renee Olson

Wife, Witch with the Metal Skills of a Dark Elf. I spend my time working with wire, weaving life and magic.

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