There's a Disturbance....

All last week hubby had a horrible neck pain and almost a complete migraine. I was seeing shadows and had a feeling that I like to describe in two ways....

1. There's a disturbance in the Force
2. My spider sense is tingling

It's always something odd and I can't put my finger on it. But then I look around at the days since that feeling and I see earthquakes, Tsumani, nuclear meltdown, explosions, civil wars, no fly zones, and protesting little children's funerals because "GOD" said so.

HOLY CRAP no wonder I feel a disturbance!

How is it possible that we cannot have a feeling of unity and humanity right now? How is it possible that we still see comments referencing that this was some sort of justice brought to a nation because of a war years (Pearl Harbor) and years ago... Or we seen some star tweeting from his mansion "the wave hit like bam and those white boys tried to surf".... UMMMM

Dude really?

I mean I know we have ignorant people in the world. I know that we have hateful people in the world. Hell, I even know we have ignorant hateful people in the world.. but for crying out loud, do something constructive with your words. Why send out more negativity? Don't we have enough of that?

My 95 year old grandmother always says... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. HELLO?? I think that should apply to Tweets & Status Updates too!

We need a big ole system purge. REBOOT the SYSTEM. In non-whack-a-doodle terms, I mean just BREATH.

Take a moment, BEFORE YOU TWEET, and take a big deep breath.

On a much more positive note, I've seen several prayer circles and positive thought circles going around on the social networking sites. This morning I plan to hold a healing circle for all the woes that we have going on today. I welcome everyone, of whatever religion or belief system to take a few minutes and just breath. Nod to your God/Goddess, acknowledge Mother Nature, Feel the winds or just send a positive thought out into the world.

Right now we need all the good energy we can get.

Blessed Be
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