Killing Us Softly....

I've never been much of a feminist. I've always felt as though in my particular dynamic that there is a feminine and a masculine. That masculine was in charge so to speak, but held to a higher standard. Open my door, order my dinner, treat me like a lady. I in turn, treat "him" as the "man of the house". In the south, it's an easy dynamic to keep. I really don't want to talk to the salesman at the car lot or the folks that drop buy our house to sell us vinyl siding. Good for me that's "his" job. I also don't clean up dog poop or anything else gross... yes that's a man's job. So I too am guilty of gender based bias. I didn't realize how ingrained it is in our society until my lovely daughter send out a Facebook update that said, Hey, check this out.

It's a video serious of 5 parts called "Killing Us Softly", I am absolutely amazed at how embedded sexual discrimination is in our advertising. This is why women feel the way they do and why women of color are treated the way they are. I was appalled and amazed at the same time. I never saw it. I'm going to add the first part of this series here. Please take a moment to view all five parts.

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